If you need your wedding dress cleaned before or after a wedding, it is imperative that you choose the right cleaning service. This urgency isn’t meant to scare you but rather open your eyes to the reality that the wrong cleaning service could unwittingly ruin your special occasion. To avoid any disappointments or issues, there are a few grounds to cover with wedding dress cleaning services to guarantee everything goes smoothly.

Who is cleaning the Dress?

This may seem like an obvious or pointless question but it could save you a lot of unnecessary spending. Your local drycleaner may be happy to take your wedding dress even when they know well that they don’t have the equipment or knowledge to clean it. The local drycleaner then sends the dress to an associate who actually cleans these types of dresses. This chain means that you are paying twice for a service that would be much cheaper if you had gone directly to the source. The moral of the story is to ask if the dress will be cleaned in-house or sent to another drycleaner.

How Much Will My Dress Cost?

You should expect the cost of the best dry cleaning services to fluctuate depending on the specific type of dress. Wedding dresses vary as much as brides do. From material, style, embellishments, age of the dress and so on, you should expect that each wedding dress is cleaned the exact same way. The best dry cleaning services understand that each dress is unique and should be cleaned accordingly. A service that charges a uniform price across the board may mean that it takes a one-size-fit-all approach to cleaning which simply means a disaster is waiting to happen.

Is there Insurance on the Wedding Dress?

It is rare that anything should go wrong if you have chosen the best cleaning service. The world is however a mysterious place and accidents do happen. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the dress such as it is lost or damaged, you need some sort of recourse. Insurance means that you will be paid back for your dress in full in case of an unforeseen issue. A dry cleaner that doesn’t offer insurance may not be fully confident in its equipment, staff or cleaning expertise.

How About Additional Services?

Finally, find out if there are any additional services that complement your wedding dress cleaning. For example, a drycleaner who also offers shoe repairs in Poole may be very useful if you are wearing vintage shoes or need to get your new shoes adjusted for the occasion. Rather than deal with multiple businesses, it is much easier to have everything done at the same location.

These are just some of the important areas to cover with a wedding dress cleaning service. If you feel uncomfortable about the responses, feel free to shop around until you find a drycleaner that you are comfortable with.