Are you planning to get your old website revamped? Good idea to stay updated, but it can impact the SEO of your website. While many people talk about getting their website redesigned, they forget about its impact on SEO. Sadly, they realize it when the damage is already done.

If you want to protect your SEO, ranking in search, and website traffic, find a digital marketing agency in Pune that pays attention to every detail. Else, by the time you will notice a dip in traffic and ranking, it would be too late to recover.

A reputable web development company in Pune considers minutest of details while re-planning your website and strives to retain the existing SEO benefits. You should also personally ask them what their approach would be to retain SEO results.

Here’s the SEO checklist that you should consider to ensure your website’s existing SEO survives the transition. The approach should blend content planning with technical aspects such as code and schema.

Check all these elements before your new website goes live:

Initial website setup:

  • Set development website to no index, no follow
  • Ensure search engine friendly URLs are in place

Content planning

  • Use an appropriate tool to obtain a complete URL list
  • Obtain the list of top landing pages
  • Create an SEO sitemap by mapping targeted keywords to URLs
  • Assess content silos and determine proper parent/children relationship exists

Content creation

  • Pay attention to creating fresh content, good in length
  • Ensure they are error-free, user-friendly
  • Check the content for readability – break them in headers, sub-headers, paragraphs, etc.
  • Determine proper meta title and description usage
  • Assess from SEO point of view

Technical SEO Analysis

  • Analyze header usage to ensure proper layout structure for human users as well as search engines
  • Check website for responsiveness across devices – make sure design and coding are in place and working properly
  • Validate if it is W3 compliant
  • Examine and validate schema and structured data
  • Check code to text ratio on pages
  • Determine the proper usage of alt text on images
  • Optimize for load time
  • Make space for the new URL structure by updating internal links
  • Establish 301 redirects for any URL changes
  • Create a new XML sitemap
  • Check and validate Robot.txt file

Going live

  • Remove no index, no follow
  • Refer to Google Analytics to validate the URL structure and other crucial things
  • Upload the new XML sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Use Google Search Console to pinpoint any errors, and update them, if found

This checklist contains standard elements required to retain the SEO benefits of a website after it gets redesigned. Find website design services and development solutions which follow the best practices for your website.